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I specialise in the field of alignment working with Vibrational Sound Therapy. My passion and joy is to work with adults, parents and children, sharing my experience to master their “Souls Gift”. Enabling individuals to become empowered to raise their frequency, change belief patterns, align to their own truth, and improve their happiness and wellbeing. As a parent of an adoptive child with additional needs, I have encountered first hand how the wonderful benefits of Vibrational Sound Therapy can help children and parents relax.

About Me

My name is Diane and I live in Kent. A few years ago I was working in the Corporate world in London, earning a good income, but my soul was not singing. I felt unhappy, incomplete and suffocated. I knew if I didn’t make  changes illness would manifest as I wasn’t serving my higher consciousness. So I left that life and took my leap of faith. I worked locally part-time and put myself through college studying Beauty and Holistic Therapy. I always knew the beauty angle was not my chosen path, but this needed to be followed to open doors into the holistic world.

I then worked as an Holistic Therapist and also embarked on my own personal healing experience.

During this journey I developed a curiosity with sound and vibrational therapy. I studied this further and qualified as a certified Sound Therapist in January 2013 in the form of tuning forks. I then studied the advanced practitioner course in February 2015. I also had a huge shift in consciousness choosing to move from ‘living in my head’ to becoming a master of my own life and choosing to come from a place of peace, love, joy and heart based consciousness.

Kent Women in Business Awards

Proud winner of Kent Women in Business Awards 2018 for Home Based Business of the Year


NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy
NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Massage
Vibrational Sacred Sound Therapy
Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists
Registered with the Information Commission Office

How Do The Sounds Work?

The sounds work on a vibrational level. Every atom, particle, molecule is energy. All energy has a constant vibration and frequency. This includes the organs, cells, bone, tissue and liquid in our bodies, including electromagnetic fields (Aura).

If some part of us is not resonating at the right frequency we become out of balance, which may lead to illness. The frequencies I work with on a cellular level, are able to release old patterns of thinking and beliefs working on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The frequencies can help you to become more balanced and aligned with a greater consciousness.

I work intuitively with the frequencies purely from a place of joy, peace, love and heart based consciousness. I have various ways of working to suit individual clients needs.

My work is a complementary therapy and should not substitute any medication or medical advice.

Some of the benefits

  • Deep relaxation
  • Promotes feeling of calm slowing down the brainwaves
  • Increased sense of wellbeing and balance
  • Increased energy, feeling more happy and “light”
  • Aids clarity and focus, improved concentration and learning ability
  • Cortisol levels reduced as there is less feeling of “fight or flight” helping to calm and soothe the nervous system
  • Moving from “living in the head to heart based consciousness”
  • Can help hearing and tinnitus
  • Good for children studying for exams or who suffer from anxiety
  • Can help to heal physical ailments, cuts, grazes, wounds
  • Feeling of peace and being “at one”
  • Beneficial for adults and children, can help especially with Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Sensory Processing Difficulties.

Packages I Offer

Detailed Consultation

An in depth consultation will be undertaken looking at your life from childhood to present. Identifying any patterns in behaviour, illness, relationships, traumatic events and belief systems to ensure you get the most from your sessions.

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions

Immerse yourself in beautiful tones from ancient times using tuning forks and sound pipes.  Each session will be tailored to your individual needs, helping you to raise your frequency, come into alignment and optimise your health and wellbeing. This is suitable for adults and can been used for children dependent on age.

How To Balance Your Frequency

In our busy lives, we don’t always take time out for ourselves. This can lead to a disconnect within ourselves as we end up ‘living in our heads’. Learn how to reconnect and balance your frequency on a daily basis, release stuck energy, optimising your health and wellbeing. This is suitable for adults and children.

Teenager and Child Science Sound Mindfulness

I have developed programmes to help show teenagers and children how to relax, understand their feelings and awareness around self regulation. Any teenager or child will benefit from this and it is especially beneficial for those who may have additional needs, struggle with anxiety or emotional wellbeing. The sessions will promote a feeling of calm, helping to slow down the brainwaves, soothing the nervous system. It is also very good for encouraging the use of hand and eye co-ordination when physically using the tuning forks and sound pipes.

Adult Science Sound Mindfulness

Learn to meditate using an OM tuning fork and find your ‘stillpoint”. The OM is the frequency of the rotation of the earth around the sun. It connects us to the Universal consciousness. It balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing mindless chatter to be quietened. The soothing frequency of the OM is very good for meditation, relieving stress and anxiety, insomnia, restoring balance and connecting to inner peace.

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