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My belief is that the most important gift we can be shown in our lives is the gift of self-empowerment and the ability to nurture our emotional and mental wellbeing. Understanding our true self, the experiences we have encountered and how to become empowered by them is fundamental in building foundation blocks for self-regulation, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief, self-responsibility and self-worth. As you can see everything begins with ourselves.

Events in our lives affect us. We can build up barriers, self-sabotage, feel unworthy of good things. Be frightened of changes and want to feel safe even if that means wrecking things for ourselves. It’s all about survival and feeling safe and sometimes we feel safe when we control, it’s a pattern we have had to learn sometimes in life. When we can understand with a different perspective why experiences in our life are playing out in themes of destruction and dysregulation, we learn about choice. Choice allows us to take back control of our life and to channel and nurture our emotions positively. Setting ourselves free from limiting beliefs allowing release, repair and recovery.

I’m a huge advocate in believing that our experiences in life are here to help us learn and grow, they are not about defining who we are, making us victims, unless we make that choice.

All my experiences in life have led me to find my passion helping others to gain an understanding of their trauma and to regain control of their lives and emotions in a healthy way. I do this by working with a combination of powerful techniques, including emotional regulation, self-empowerment and vibrational sound therapy which is highly effective in regulating and balancing the nervous system and brain.  All my work is underpinned by a deep spiritual connection.

I work with adults sharing how to release past hurt and trauma. Empowering them to nurture their mental and emotional wellbeing and be in control of their emotions, instead of their emotions controlling them. Taking them on a journey from living in the head to the heart, finding a deeper inner connection.

As a parent of an adoptive child, facing an ongoing roller coaster journey of challenges and experiences, these have shown me the difficulties our children can face especially when it comes to learning how to manage their feelings and self-regulation. Therefore, I have created the Science Sound Mindfulness Programme. These innovative and interactive self-empowering programmes show children (from age 7 upwards), teenagers and young people how to release emotions in a healthy way.

I’ve also found that as parents we can all hold different paradigms influencing the way we guide and interact with our children. These may be based perhaps, on our own childhood experiences, our boundaries, triggers, and expectations as both an individual and in our role as a parent. It is important to understand our limiting beliefs, internalised programming and personal triggers as parents and how these can impact on our relationships with our children. Therefore, I have created the Parenting Paradigm Programme to work with parents to explore these paradigms, looking at them from a different perspective. Holding space for them to challenge deep rooted belief systems and learn how to connect with their children differently on a deeper level consciously and energetically. 

Ultimately, my purpose, passion and joy are to share my experience enabling individuals to master their ‘Souls Gift’. To become empowered to raise their frequency and align to their own truth. Helping to restore overall wellbeing and create a happy life.

When all’s said and done, when you dig deep and get right down to it, all anyone wants is to find peace.

If you haven’t found this yet in your life, then let’s connect!

Diane McCann

“The body is made up of sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”

Deepak Chopra

What my clients say

I felt calm afterwards and had an inner peace with myself

After struggling with personal issues in my life and attending some 40 sessions of counselling, over 3 years with 2 different counsellors and a psychotherapist, I was starting to lose faith that I would ever be able to experience happiness. I was fed up of telling 'my story' to another stranger yet again!

Diane suggested sound therapy to me as an alternative way to help towards achieving this. By this time I had nothing to lose so thought I'd give it a go. Initially Diane took the time to find out about me to be able to tailor the therapy accordingly. What really helped me was seeing the science behind it all which Diane, explained to me.

I was amazed at the difference in appearance between a happy cell magnified compared to an unhappy one. The therapy itself is very calming. Diane herself is very calming too. For the time you’re receiving the therapy all of your problems completely drift away, but more  than that I felt very calm afterwards and had an inner peace with myself.

Naturally it doesn't take long for the pressures of life to creep back in but with regular sessions accompanied by regular meditation, I'm certain that inner peace, happiness feeling can be maintained forever or certainly prolonged. I’m very pleased I sought therapy from Diane. I can really see how it can help improve my life.

Some of the general bits of advice Diane gives I found so helpful too. I've only had 3 sessions but will be seeing her again soon.

I felt lighter, more relaxed and peaceful

I came to Diane as I had been experiencing some grief issues and wondered if sound healing could help. Normally I don't get on with sound therapies as I find them too intrusive and loud, but this was a very soothing and relaxing experience with no hint of sharp notes or frequencies that would put your nerves on edge.

It normally takes quite a while for me to relax, but with Diane using her expert knowledge on what frequencies to use for the sound forks and pipes, it didn't take long for me to drift off, nearly to sleep at several points.  With a high body awareness, I could feel the energy shifting out of my body at my head especially. The hour was truly a godsend, and I got up with an evident glow on my face - I felt like I had had a facelift in a way.

In myself, I felt lighter, more relaxed and peaceful. Diane herself has a very gentle, comforting energy and vibe that puts you at ease within minutes, as well as amazing knowledge on her craft, and knows exactly what combinations to use to help with your issues. So, if you have never experienced this before, please do try it before you decide whether it is for you or not.

Would I go back again, yes, looking to book another session as we speak!

Helping to transform all areas of my life!

I was inspired to seek treatment from Diane when I first met her. Having long believed in the effects of sound on our bodies and our emotions (who can resist being moved to tears by a beautiful piece of music?), I was intrigued to meet someone actually working in this field so spent some time in a Discovery Session with her to get a feel for how this might help me not only physically but, more importantly, on my spiritual journey.

As a result I have just had my third treatment in a series which is helping to transform all areas of my life, bringing me peace and happiness and a deep sense of purpose. Highly intuitive, Diane brings empathy and insight to her work that enhances the experience at the deepest level, inspiring trust in the process and the outcome. And all I have to do is lie there and relax! Blissful!

Amazing and transformational

Diane’s work is amazing and transformational. Vibrational Sound Therapy treatments from her have calmed, grounded and lifted me profoundly. The powerful effects last long beyond the time you are receiving this tailored therapy. Diane for me has been an incredible peace giver. Can’t rate her highly enough.

Adult Science Sound Mindfulness – Feeling more balanced and connected in my life

I met with Diane recently for the Adult Science Sound Mindfulness session after I was told I had a recurrence of cancer. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the relaxing session and found Diane to be very knowledgeable, professional and someone who clearly cares about her clients. I am incorporating a practise into my daily life now, which was recommended by Diane and I am already feeling the benefits of being more balanced and connected in my life at this stressful time.

I would recommend Diane, she has a natural way of connecting with her clients and understanding what is required for them to connect to self through this type of therapy. Thank you Diane for helping me find that quiet place to be amongst this madness.

I left feeling relaxed, calm and settled

I found the sessions helped both of us. I felt totally supported and safe after the initial meeting and my son felt safe and comfortable after his first session and I was pleased he chose to come back again. My son would start in a highly stressed state and leave feeling relaxed, calm and settled. The tuning fork he uses daily and finds it extremely helpful in calming him and helping him sleep. He missed it when he didn't have it for a week. He loved being practically involved and trying out the different sounds.

Each section was short so he didn't feel it all took too long, which has put him off other therapies before. Thank you so much for all the kindness, strength and support you have given us both.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme In Schools – Most anxious child benefitted the most

Diane held weekly sessions in our school for children we had specifically invited. Though it is clear from the work she does that any child or adult could benefit from the relaxing sessions she runs, our most anxious child benefitted the most. She used practical breathing exercises to calm and focus the children, whilst showing them the power of listening and feeling sound.

The sessions were calming and staff who attended all felt the benefits of the sound therapy she offered. Staff also reported that it works successfully alongside the relaxation and sensory experiences we already offer to pupils in class and has enabled staff to broaden their resources when supporting pupils.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – My son was instantly attentive at the sessions and keen to return

My son recently attended the science sound mindfulness programme with Diane at his own request.  He is 11 years old, has a diagnosis of Aspergers and was feeling very low about life in general. Diane was very welcoming and provided a fantastic peaceful and calm environment for the sessions. My son who is often less than enthusiastic about attending anything, was instantly attentive at the sessions and very keen to return to continue the programme. The sessions highlighted to him how his brain works, how his emotions affect not only himself but also raised an awareness of how they affect others too. He learnt invaluable meditation skills and how to self-soothe himself. Each session had a theme, with a mixture of meditation, sound therapy and relaxation time. The highlight and most relaxing part of the sessions was using the tuning forks, which for my son were also a novelty and lots of fun. Having completed the programme, I would highly recommend Diane as a therapist. She is very understanding, very patient and very knowledgeable. The skills my son (and me as his mother) have learnt are now proving invaluable. My son has particularly benefited from the sessions by learning how to better control his emotions and become a happier young man.

“Diane’s work is amazing and transformational. Vibrational Sound Therapy treatments from her have calmed, grounded and lifted me profoundly.”

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