Committing to your Journey: Facilitator Versus Fixer

Committing to your Journey: Facilitator Versus Fixer

In the words of Bob, the Builder ‘Can you fix it?’

There, I can go no further as the answer is a resounding ‘No’.

Yes, I am a specialist in my field.

However, I cannot fix you.

To hold this belief disempowers you. 

It quietens the inner voice of guidance within you waiting to awaken.

The truth is you have to do that part yourself.

Yes, yourself!

Have conviction and courage to commit to the journey. 

Understand there is a lifetime of learning, choices and wonderment ahead of you. 

I can guide you, hold space with compassion and non-judgement. 

Energetically hold your hand.

I can nurture your mindset and shine light on shadows you are blinded from that wish to surface and be freed. 

I can share my expertise, gifts, and wisdom. 

I can help you to become empowered as you navigate your conscious journey from the head to the heart. 

I can show you how to change your belief systems, programming, repeated cycles that no longer resonate for you.

Break free from the shackles of the mind that hold you prisoner, restricted, running the same old narratives of anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, disconnection, stress and depression. 

I can share with you how to become a master of your emotions. 

I can show you how to release trauma, alchemize energetic density and raise your frequency. 

Share how to create a sacred space between your thoughts and awareness, anchoring to a stillpoint of peace. 

Develop and understand that happiness is a practice found within.

I can share new ways of being.

I can shine a light in the fog to enable you to navigate your path with clarity.

I can show you the light to connect within and begin the journey of self and mastery.

Do you want to discover the treasure within?

Do you want to connect to your soul’s gift?

Do you want to be the creator in the landscape of your life?

Do you want to own your journey and be empowered?

Then let’s go – what are you waiting for?

There is an adventure filled with mystery and empowerment waiting for us to explore together! 

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