Manifestation Versus Presence

Manifestation Versus Presence

I’ve pondered the concept of manifestation over many years now. 

The sparkly gurus of magnetisation and law of attraction have never felt quite authentic or real to me.

Too much emphasis is placed on sales, ramped up marketing angles, chasing fame, money magnets and an overall sense of a ‘man-made’ creation.

What I’ve come to realise when connecting more deeply with this concept is that manifestation is merely a steppingstone to embarking on a wider journey – one of inner connection and presence.

You see, as humans we can be conditioned to believe that things won’t work out unless we set plans in motion to control the details and outcomes.

Irritability and frustration can arise from being uncomfortable with the unknown. As humans, we want to know everything, right?

So, we look for ways to control our future and before we know it, we have fallen into the shiny entrapment cycle of manifestation.

An outdated paradigm of external seeking disguised as a new age practice. 

We play in cycles of lack, stress, scarcity, dissatisfaction, wanting things immediately, wanting to get our own way, always wanting more… 

We place demands on ourselves and the Universe, emanating the energy of a spoilt child.

We find ourselves investing in glory chasing looking for the never-ending pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We desire more money, a bigger house, a bigger car, a better life, all the while distracting us from the one true thing we need to be focusing on – inner connection and presence!

Essentially, we seek to create and control our reality by focusing purely on the external influences in our world – instead of turning our attention inwards.

Trying to manifest or should I say manipulate events in our life, can push us out of alignment. We may ask the Universe for outcomes, attach to expectations that are not for our highest good. We have a thirst for the details of every minuet plan. Yet, all this will do is send us on a detour of what is truly waiting for us. 

Resistance restricts flow!

Let me ask you a question, when you go out to a restaurant and order a meal, would you walk into the kitchen, check the ingredients being used, ask the chef how they intend to cook your dinner and oversee how it is presented?

No, you simply order your meal and trust that it will arrive. You then place your focus on something else.

The same principles apply in your daily life – you need to drop the interference and leave the details to the Universe.

There is a saying – your inner world reflects your outer world. When you connect with your inner reality you find a much deeper connection.

You come to understand that happiness is found internally through awareness and understanding of one’s true self.

The author Leo Tolstoy expressed this beautifully when he wrote;

“Your understanding of your inner self holds the meaning of your life.”

Instead of building happiness on external temporary foundations, of gain and material wealth all of which can disappear in an instant, you begin to understand that happiness is found and built from within.

Michael Beckwith summed this up wonderfully when he said;

“Authentic happiness comes from being in the conscious connection with our inner being rather than dependency on outer things and circumstances which are constantly in a state of flux.”

Take a moment to pause and truly reflect on this…

As you connect with your true self, on a much deeper level, you begin to master the concept of being in the moment, creating a more conscious way of living. Over time this develops into longer periods of being able to remain present.

This is where you will find the real treasure. Bountiful gifts of enlightenment and wisdom.

When you are truly present and in alignment there is nothing to manifest, everything you need, you have, in that precise, present moment.

There is no longing, discontentment, or what ifs!

Your higher self and the universe have your back, in every present moment. So, relax!

That’s it – that’s all you need to know. It really is that simple, no marketing or tantalising life hacks, required.

In essence, as humans, we are conditioned and programmed to put our energy into everything going apart from the one true nugget of gold. Living in the present moment 

Yes, it is a journey of mastery, full of twists and turns, but one in which you are completely in the driver’s seat.

When we are present, we don’t lack or need anything. There is no chasing our future, no regretting our past, it quite simply just is, in any given moment. 

If you find yourself asking for something specific, that is fine if the human self needs some reassurance and is wobbling and feeling vulnerable. Simply, know that this is purely to satisfy this aspect of ‘self’ that seeks reassurance – the ego. It won’t affect the outcome – the Universe already has the outcome lined up waiting for you. As you push through these layers of understanding and strengthen your internal connection, the seeking will lessen more and more as you begin to let go and surrender.

As you slow down, and connect to a conscious way of living, and being present, miracles will unfold.

Your frequency and perspectives will shift as you begin to experience life through a different lens – the heart.

Your, inner radiance will shine outside of you, and without force, attract everything you dream of and more.

The need to seek, manipulate, control, know all the details, will become energetic distortions of the past.

You will access the inner fountain of knowledge that your soul wishes to share. 

You will realise that everything you need you have.

Have love, compassion, patience, and kindness for yourself as you navigate this in any given moment. 

Be softer with yourself. Be willing to surrender, with every breath you take.

Everything in the future, is already there waiting for you, and as you change your frequency by being present, with each breathe you will come closer and closer to the glorious abundance waiting for you. 

Without placing expectations and controlling outcomes you may even get there quicker than you thought possible.

Quite simply – you will manifest that which matches your frequency. One of heart-based consciousness.

Be present and open to the treasures of each moment.

This is the one thing you can control. 

Enjoy the journey!

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