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My name is Diane and I live in Kent

Ever since I was little I felt different. I saw fairies and angels, which adults explained away as ‘pretend’ friends. I enjoyed being on my own and the silence that gifted me. When I was 8 years old I vividly remember staring intently into a mirror and repeatedly asking the question ‘Who am I?’.

I looked into the deepest depths of my soul that day as a child and I knew then I was so much more than my immediate surroundings.

As I grew up in the 3D matrix of family and society I lost my true self, little by little, by little.

Up until a few years ago, I was still working in the corporate world in London. To some people looking from the outside in, I had the ‘perfect’ life. So why when I woke up every single day did I feel like I was dying inside, desperate, depleted of energy.

Energetically, I was at a critical point in my life. Very critical. I could feel an urgency in me bubbling up of wanting to escape. I knew that I had to make changes and live differently, or I would become ill. To put it simply my soul was not singing, and my health and happiness far outweighed anything money could buy. So I took the bold decision to leave that life behind me.

As soon as I took my leap of faith, the Universe began it’s divine work of synchronicity and propelled me back on course. Fast forward three years, I began offering holistic therapies. I loved helping people. I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace and fulfilment. This feeling couldn’t have been any further apart to when I had felt trapped working in London.

I went on a speed track of learning about spirituality and also embarked on my own personal healing journey, learning how to release trauma, past hurt and trapped energy in my body that had been lying dormant and festering for many, many years.

One day, somebody showed me a tiny chime bar. When I played it, the sound sent shivers down my spine. It sparked a light of curiosity in me to learn more about vibrational sound therapy leading me to where I am today specialising in this field.

I am forever, expanding, evolving, embodying new experiences. Through these experiences, I have developed a passion for helping others to become masters of their emotions.

I have also unveiled the gift of vibrational language and coding sometimes called light language. It’s creative energy carries sacred geometry codes in a vibrational form, it speaks to the soul and can activate DNA, creating a shift in consciousness. The channelled vibrational language and codes I use create an energetic harmonic symphony, amplifying the frequencies I work with in perfect unison, creating the ultimate sound frequency partnership.

I love the diversity my work gift’s me merging the conventional and the unconventional together, creating powerful personalised experiences for my clients.

KWIBA Awards

Finalist for Kent Women in Business Awards 2021 for Mumpreneur of the Year

Finalist for Kent Women in Business Awards 2021 for Innovation

Finalist for Kent Women in Business Awards 2020 for Mumpreneur of the Year

Proud winner of Kent Women in Business Awards 2019 for Start-Up Business of the Year

Proud winner of Kent Women in Business Awards 2018 for Home Based Business of the Year

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