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Vibrational Sound Therapy is tremendously powerful and can produce magnificent benefits. Emotions, thoughts and feelings carry a specific energy vibration; this affects the vibration of an organ, or area in the body, which in turn affects the vibrational frequency of the body. Where the vibrational frequency is low it can manifest into illness or disease, unless the template is changed, on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  

When our cells reach a certain frequency, it triggers the light particle (protons) in our body to ignite, which turns on the light in our body, raising the frequency of old oscillating cells. This connects us on a much deeper conscious level, bringing about the transition of cellular realignment, helping to change old patterns of thinking, behaviour and belief systems.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is safe, effective and non-invasive. It has scientific research and study attached to it. It’s amazingly beneficial at inducing a deep state of relaxation, promoting positivity, focus, clarity, mindset shifts, very good for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ….the list goes on!

Sound Therapy is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance. In simplistic terms, when you place one vibrating object next to another, they will vibrate together, and the lower vibration raises to match the higher vibration being used. If we think about opera singers, they have the ability to shatter glass. This happens when the opera singer’s voice reaches and matches the same vibratory frequency of the glass. This is called resonance harmony. The resonance principle relates to the cellular absorption of the healing sounds, and is a very effective way to bring the body back into balance.

Sound has a profound effect on living systems, because it goes directly into the body, meaning you don’t even have to believe in it, as it bypasses the mind and works its wonders anyway! The vagus nerve, which connects the ear to the brain, also connects the ear (how we listen to sound), to nearly every organ in the body…..WOW, imagine the effect it has on our organs helping them to relax.

Sound changes your internal vibration so you are resonating at the authentic frequency for you!

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