Manifestation Versus Presence

Manifestation Versus Presence

I’ve pondered the concept of manifestation over many years now. 

The sparkly gurus of magnetisation and law of attraction have never felt quite authentic or real to me.

Too much emphasis is placed on sales, ramped up marketing angles, chasing fame, money magnets and an overall sense of a ‘man-made’ creation.

What I’ve come to realise when connecting more deeply with this concept is that manifestation is merely a steppingstone to embarking on a wider journey – one of inner connection and presence.

You see, as humans we can be conditioned to believe that things won’t work out unless we set plans in motion to control the details and outcomes.

Irritability and frustration can arise from being uncomfortable with the unknown. As humans, we want to know everything, right?

So, we look for ways to control our future and before we know it, we have fallen into the shiny entrapment cycle of manifestation.

An outdated paradigm of external seeking disguised as a new age practice. 

We play in cycles of lack, stress, scarcity, dissatisfaction, wanting things immediately, wanting to get our own way, always wanting more… 

We place demands on ourselves and the Universe, emanating the energy of a spoilt child.

We find ourselves investing in glory chasing looking for the never-ending pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We desire more money, a bigger house, a bigger car, a better life, all the while distracting us from the one true thing we need to be focusing on – inner connection and presence!

Essentially, we seek to create and control our reality by focusing purely on the external influences in our world – instead of turning our attention inwards.

Trying to manifest or should I say manipulate events in our life, can push us out of alignment. We may ask the Universe for outcomes, attach to expectations that are not for our highest good. We have a thirst for the details of every minuet plan. Yet, all this will do is send us on a detour of what is truly waiting for us. 

Resistance restricts flow!

Let me ask you a question, when you go out to a restaurant and order a meal, would you walk into the kitchen, check the ingredients being used, ask the chef how they intend to cook your dinner and oversee how it is presented?

No, you simply order your meal and trust that it will arrive. You then place your focus on something else.

The same principles apply in your daily life – you need to drop the interference and leave the details to the Universe.

There is a saying – your inner world reflects your outer world. When you connect with your inner reality you find a much deeper connection.

You come to understand that happiness is found internally through awareness and understanding of one’s true self.

The author Leo Tolstoy expressed this beautifully when he wrote;

“Your understanding of your inner self holds the meaning of your life.”

Instead of building happiness on external temporary foundations, of gain and material wealth all of which can disappear in an instant, you begin to understand that happiness is found and built from within.

Michael Beckwith summed this up wonderfully when he said;

“Authentic happiness comes from being in the conscious connection with our inner being rather than dependency on outer things and circumstances which are constantly in a state of flux.”

Take a moment to pause and truly reflect on this…

As you connect with your true self, on a much deeper level, you begin to master the concept of being in the moment, creating a more conscious way of living. Over time this develops into longer periods of being able to remain present.

This is where you will find the real treasure. Bountiful gifts of enlightenment and wisdom.

When you are truly present and in alignment there is nothing to manifest, everything you need, you have, in that precise, present moment.

There is no longing, discontentment, or what ifs!

Your higher self and the universe have your back, in every present moment. So, relax!

That’s it – that’s all you need to know. It really is that simple, no marketing or tantalising life hacks, required.

In essence, as humans, we are conditioned and programmed to put our energy into everything going apart from the one true nugget of gold. Living in the present moment 

Yes, it is a journey of mastery, full of twists and turns, but one in which you are completely in the driver’s seat.

When we are present, we don’t lack or need anything. There is no chasing our future, no regretting our past, it quite simply just is, in any given moment. 

If you find yourself asking for something specific, that is fine if the human self needs some reassurance and is wobbling and feeling vulnerable. Simply, know that this is purely to satisfy this aspect of ‘self’ that seeks reassurance – the ego. It won’t affect the outcome – the Universe already has the outcome lined up waiting for you. As you push through these layers of understanding and strengthen your internal connection, the seeking will lessen more and more as you begin to let go and surrender.

As you slow down, and connect to a conscious way of living, and being present, miracles will unfold.

Your frequency and perspectives will shift as you begin to experience life through a different lens – the heart.

Your, inner radiance will shine outside of you, and without force, attract everything you dream of and more.

The need to seek, manipulate, control, know all the details, will become energetic distortions of the past.

You will access the inner fountain of knowledge that your soul wishes to share. 

You will realise that everything you need you have.

Have love, compassion, patience, and kindness for yourself as you navigate this in any given moment. 

Be softer with yourself. Be willing to surrender, with every breath you take.

Everything in the future, is already there waiting for you, and as you change your frequency by being present, with each breathe you will come closer and closer to the glorious abundance waiting for you. 

Without placing expectations and controlling outcomes you may even get there quicker than you thought possible.

Quite simply – you will manifest that which matches your frequency. One of heart-based consciousness.

Be present and open to the treasures of each moment.

This is the one thing you can control. 

Enjoy the journey!

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Chanting – Creating Conscious Connection

Chanting – Creating Conscious Connection

Have you ever chanted or felt a strong pull towards chanting? 

If you have, then you will know that you do not choose chanting, it chooses you! 

This is a magnetic pull from the universe asking you to connect and begin a conscious conversation of mystic vibrational dialect. 

Consistency in this practice creates embodiment of the divine and space for profound shifts in your life, as the sound of your words emit a frequency that draws experiences to you to reflect and align to that frequency. 

It can clear subconscious patterns and habits, enhance intuition, and open the guidance of the heart and the universe. Empowering an individual to change their life state and karma by transmuting their pain, trauma and suffering into joy, peace and balance. 

Chanting creates powerful vibrations within the body and energetic system. After chanting it is possible to notice the blueprint of the mantra still oscillating and pulsating within you even after you have stopped. 

Put quite simply this vibrational practice increases your frequency flow! 

Chanting is fundamentally linked to breathing and there is a natural internal entrainment between our heart-rate and our breathing pattern. Meaning if one alters, so does the other. Therefore, when we chant we not only synchronise our breathing but our hearts too! 

Imagine the uplifting effects of tens, hundreds and thousands of people all chanting together, elevating and supporting heart-based consciousness and unity across the planet. It’s mind blowing! 

Chanting is an ancient practice that calms your mind and soul. It has been used for thousands of years by Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. It can promote health benefits and combat the stresses of modern life. 

You may well ask, how can something as simple as chanting improve my overall wellbeing? 

Well let’s look at some of the science involved.

Did you know that there are 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth? 

When you chant out loud your tongue stimulates those meridian points, and they in turn stimulate the hypothalamus, pineal gland, and the pituitary gland, strengthening the glandular system and changing the chemistry of the brain. 

There are many areas of the brain that are stimulated and become better regulated when chanting. A key area is the hypothalamus of the brain which is responsible for maintaining the homeostasis of the body and regulating emotional responses. It also helps to calm down the amygdala part of the brain which plays an important role in regulating our responses to fear and anger. 

This was evidenced in a study by the University of Hong Kong that showed when people were chanting and shown fear-inducing photos, areas of the brain that would normally light up on MRI scans that indicate fear started to disappear, showing that chanting can help to moderate and get rid of fear. But it was not just any word if they chanted “Santa Clause” nothing changed so the spiritual blueprint and frequency of the words being chanted are important. 

Chanting has also been shown to help those with post traumatic stress disorder and can increase brain function for those suffering from strokes and epilepsy. 

It can also play an important role and have a positive impact on regulating the central nervous system, as well as providing an opportunity to express and relieve you of intense emotions. Don’t worry if you get a bit teary whilst practicing the act of chanting, as crying is perfectly normal and it is a natural way of connecting you to a deeper emotional state of release. 

Studies show that when we chant on a regular basis our immune system is boosted and we are less likely to become ill. It creates more endorphins in our body and helps to create a better mood by helping to decrease anxiety and depressive symptoms. 

This is illustrated beautifully in the book “Human Sounds” by Jonathan Goldman. He followed a group of French Benedictine monks who chanted every single day and then decided to stop chanting. And low and behold, they started getting sick and when they were chanting they were hardly ever ill. 

Chanting and consistency in this practice creates conscious connection on a profound level. 

If you are curious about chanting and not sure where to start, then begin with chanting the universal vibration of OM for a few minutes each day, gradually increasing the duration. Feel and connect with the vibration it creates and notice the changes it can create for you! 

You may just be surprised by the gifts that are unveiled. 

What are you waiting for?

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Committing to your Journey: Facilitator Versus Fixer

Committing to your Journey: Facilitator Versus Fixer

In the words of Bob, the Builder ‘Can you fix it?’

There, I can go no further as the answer is a resounding ‘No’.

Yes, I am a specialist in my field.

However, I cannot fix you.

To hold this belief disempowers you. 

It quietens the inner voice of guidance within you waiting to awaken.

The truth is you have to do that part yourself.

Yes, yourself!

Have conviction and courage to commit to the journey. 

Understand there is a lifetime of learning, choices and wonderment ahead of you. 

I can guide you, hold space with compassion and non-judgement. 

Energetically hold your hand.

I can nurture your mindset and shine light on shadows you are blinded from that wish to surface and be freed. 

I can share my expertise, gifts, and wisdom. 

I can help you to become empowered as you navigate your conscious journey from the head to the heart. 

I can show you how to change your belief systems, programming, repeated cycles that no longer resonate for you.

Break free from the shackles of the mind that hold you prisoner, restricted, running the same old narratives of anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, disconnection, stress and depression. 

I can share with you how to become a master of your emotions. 

I can show you how to release trauma, alchemize energetic density and raise your frequency. 

Share how to create a sacred space between your thoughts and awareness, anchoring to a stillpoint of peace. 

Develop and understand that happiness is a practice found within.

I can share new ways of being.

I can shine a light in the fog to enable you to navigate your path with clarity.

I can show you the light to connect within and begin the journey of self and mastery.

Do you want to discover the treasure within?

Do you want to connect to your soul’s gift?

Do you want to be the creator in the landscape of your life?

Do you want to own your journey and be empowered?

Then let’s go – what are you waiting for?

There is an adventure filled with mystery and empowerment waiting for us to explore together! 

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Sounds of your Soul – Do you remember?

Sounds of your Soul – Do you remember?

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

A layer of resistance is felt.

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

Soften your body, softer, softer still.

Place your hand on your heart.

Feel the rhythm and beats of love pumping through your body.

Connect to your heart energy.

Go deeper, deeper, deeper into the void.


Travel and weave through the tunnel of midnight darkness.

Emerge into the welcome golden shimmering light.

At the very core, this is where you’ll find remembrance.



Your I AM.

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

A flicker of light, a pulsating of energy.

Energy balls spark, colours ignite, sound waves, frequency bands, simply electrifying.

Boom – connection!

This is the key.

The key that connects you to the most precious gift.

The sounds of your soul.

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

Feel it in your heart.

Feel it in your wisdom, in your spoken word, your actions, your truth!

Let me introduce you.

This is your vibrational blueprint.

Your unique energetic signature.

A magnificent gift to behold.

Where soul contracts are made and honoured in this lifetime, lifetimes gone, and lifetimes to come.

The pain, suffering, despair, hurt, loneliness you experience in this lifetime, is born from love, agreed on the soul planes.

Created from the purest of frequencies.

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

To alchemise, ascend and spiral you to your highest timeline.

The journey YOU chose to navigate in this lifetime.

Do you remember the journey of evolution you chose to experience?

Hear the sounds of your soul, dear one.

Through your darkest times, remember, this wisdom.

Remember this truth.

Through the polarity of these experiences you will remember how to love unconditionally.

You will gain strength.

You will learn compassion.

You will find your way back.

You will find your truth.

You will find YOU!

Let the ride of ascension and mastery commence.

Do you remember? Gently whispers the soul.

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Forgiveness: Self Harm Versus Self Love

Forgiveness: Self Harm Versus Self Love

They say sorry is one of the hardest words to say.

This may well be true, however, sorry is a word.

It’s that simple.

It can be said and banded around with little or no real meaning.

How many times are children asked to say ‘sorry’, literally for the sake of it?

If I’m honest, what I’ve found to be more true and certainly harder is the act of forgiveness.

How easy is it to say the words ‘I forgive you?’

Forgiveness invokes a whole new ball game of buried feelings, thoughts, emotions, raw pain, hurt, betrayal, bitterness.

So how do you begin the journey of forgiveness?

Before we start, let’s be clear that to forgive does not mean to forget. It’s healthy to have boundaries and to not have people in your life if that is the right choice for you.

Now I have clarified that, I want to invite you to think about this question.

Do you want to transform the stubborn mind chatter in your head, from thoughts of ‘ they don’t deserve my forgiveness’, ‘I’ll never forgive them till the day I die’, to saying these three little words ‘I forgive you’ and not only saying them but unconditionally meaning it?

Yes, then, let’s take a look.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that all emotions, thoughts and feelings carry a specific energy vibration; this affects the vibration of an organ or area of the body, which in turn affects the vibrational frequency of the body. Where the vibrational frequency is low the natural frequency and harmonious pattern is disrupted.

This can manifest into illness or disease unless the vibrational template is changed.

If we look at the act of refusing to forgive, to hold onto energy patterns of resentment, anger, hate, rage and other dense energy thoughts, emotions, and feelings attached to this action, then we are only hurting ourselves.

No one else!

The great author Lewis B. Smedes said;

‘To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.’

It is so important to understand this.

To forgive someone isn’t a weakness.

It is ultimately an act of self love to yourself.

To stop projecting self-harm onto yourself.

Giving yourself permission to be free.

To stop the self-harm from the toxicity and the pollution this can energetically create in your body, relationships, environment and so much more.

Self love versus self harm?

The choice is up to you.

Understanding and perception come hand in hand, as a second step.

When we are able to look at a person or event that has caused us pain from a different perspective, it’s like turning on a light for the first time.

We begin to see shadows where there was once darkness. We see angles instead of straight lines, we see depth instead of nothingness.

From this an understanding can begin to form and be born of why someone did what they did, or why an event happened. The development of understanding is key to helping the heart discover compassion and the mind to quieten the tortuous thoughts that can repeatedly play out such as resentment and betrayal.

Some acts of hurt against us can be so huge, be so deeply buried and stored for a lifetime, that even by knowing all of this, we find we still cannot break free.

What then?

Be willing!

Every day, when you feel you simply cannot do it, say to yourself,

‘I’m willing to forgive’.

Every moment, of every day, soften your mind, soften your heart and say to yourself,

‘I’m willing to forgive’.

One day, you will wake up, you will feel different, lighter, and realise you are no longer willing.

It’s done, you’ve made it.

The willingness has been transmuted to forgiveness.

Every tiny step you made, no matter how difficult and painful it felt, added up to the finale in the act forgiveness.

In the words of Tyler Perry – (world-renowned producer, director, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist).

‘It’s not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it frees you.

Never a truer word said.

Become a master of self love and bestow upon yourself one of the greatest gifts in this lifetime, mastering the act of forgiveness.

From my heart to yours.

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The Path of Perception: Inner Critic Versus Inner Connection

The Path of Perception: Inner Critic Versus Inner Connection

Have you ever felt different?

Tried to fit in with others but knowing deep down that you don’t belong?

Ever since I can remember I have felt different.

Just writing this I can feel myself take a deep breath and release, finally safe in my knowing that this is a healthy and positive way of being.

In the past I  haven’t always felt this way.

Ever since I can remember I felt different.

I saw fairies and angels.

Yes, I really did.

Excited about my connection with these beings I would talk about them with sheer joy, only for it to be brushed swiftly away by adults as ‘pretend’ friends.

When I was 8 years old I vividly remember staring intently into a mirror repeatedly asking the question ‘Who am I?’. I looked into the deepest depths of my soul then as a child and I knew then I was so much more than my immediate surroundings.

Nobody else understood.

So what happened?

As I grew up in the 3D matrix of  life I lost my true self, little by little, by little.

Conformity, pressure and control key components in making this possible.

I lost my inner connection.

My inner critic took its place.

The inner connection that if I had of held on, would have given me the wisdom to navigate my way through life perhaps a little easier.

Instead, the inner critic fed on the feeling of being different.

It loved taking pride of place in my mind.

This morphed into a sticky journey of wading through painful experiences that continuously played out as I searched an unrelenting, unrewarding, empty playground of ‘looking for something’ ‘fit in and belong’ ‘be good enough’.

Have you ever felt like this too?

All of these emotions and feelings stifled, ignored and pushed down, more and more, festering.

Eventually, at a crossroads I was propelled back on course, where I embarked on a speed track of learning about spirituality, and also re-connected with my own healing journey.

However, this was many years later.

Why share this?

Feeling different, has many sides, a light side and a dark side with lots of shades of grey for good measure in between.

When you get to the bottom of it quite simply it is about perception and how you perceive yourself.

Feeling different can be a gift when nurtured or it can literally suck the life out of you.

Inner connection versus inner critic.

It can allow you to be a pioneer,  independent, evolve, find your purpose and shine.

It can allow you to self-doubt, self sabotage, isolate, compare, and feel a victim.

All of us may feel different at one point or another in our life.

The good news is we have a choice.

We can all change our perception in an instant.

So which one are you choosing?

Inner connection or inner critic?

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