Helped me navigate some of my most challenging and emotional life experiences

Diane is one of the kindest and most authentic people I know, and everything she does comes straight from the heart. It was no surprise that she was the person who was there in my hour of need and has helped me navigate some of my most challenging and emotional life experiences. Her knowledge is vast and she has helped me to understand and move forward from the acute anxiety and distress that I was experiencing which was linked to past childhood trauma. Diane helped me to recognise and become aware of the reoccurring patterns that had previously held me back, and also how to work on myself in a way that empowered me with having a deeper understanding, as to why these patterns were repeating and how to prevent them from continuing to affect me going forward. The unique techniques that Diane uses in her work with sound, vibration, and energy, are on another level completely and have helped me where other therapies I’ve tried in the past have failed. Diane explains things in a way that you can easily understand, and also gives you a completely different perspective on a problem. She does this with honesty, empathy, and compassion. I would recommend anyone struggling with life challenges to work with Diane and allow her to guide you on a journey to recovery. I give heartfelt thanks to Diane for sharing her wisdom with me.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – Taught me some essential skills in coping with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis

I am 18, have ASD and suffer from high levels of anxiety. I have just completed the science sound mindfulness programme which has taught me some essential skills in coping with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis. I have found it useful in the sense it is not solely based on talking, which is something I personally find difficult. Diane is very understanding and makes time to ensure I have understood what skills she is teaching me. It has made a huge difference to me in relation to how I cope with daily challenges I face. The space in which she works in is very calm and peaceful, and the way Diane teaches is very gentle. Finally, with Diane’s support and guidance I feel that I am able to start looking forward more positively.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – I have noticed such a positive change in my daughter

I cannot recommend Diane enough – what she does is amazing! I took my daughter to see her as she was struggling to cope with her emotions, Diane was calm, patient and was able to help my daughter in a way I couldn’t. We now have some amazing techniques that make a world of difference at home. I have noticed such a positive change in my daughter who really enjoyed the process that she went through with Diane. Thank you!

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – My son was instantly attentive at the sessions and keen to return

My son recently attended the science sound mindfulness programme with Diane at his own request.  He is 11 years old, has a diagnosis of Aspergers and was feeling very low about life in general. Diane was very welcoming and provided a fantastic peaceful and calm environment for the sessions. My son who is often less than enthusiastic about attending anything, was instantly attentive at the sessions and very keen to return to continue the programme. The sessions highlighted to him how his brain works, how his emotions affect not only himself but also raised an awareness of how they affect others too. He learnt invaluable meditation skills and how to self-soothe himself. Each session had a theme, with a mixture of meditation, sound therapy and relaxation time. The highlight and most relaxing part of the sessions was using the tuning forks, which for my son were also a novelty and lots of fun. Having completed the programme, I would highly recommend Diane as a therapist. She is very understanding, very patient and very knowledgeable. The skills my son (and me as his mother) have learnt are now proving invaluable. My son has particularly benefited from the sessions by learning how to better control his emotions and become a happier young man.