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Detailed consultation

All programmes require an in-depth consultation to look at your life from birth to present. Identifying any patterns in behaviour, illness, relationships, traumatic events and belief systems to ensure you get the most from your personalised sessions within the programme.

Vibrational sound therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy Programme

This programme weaves together and offers many unique components personalised to your individual needs.

Incorporating various specialist techniques working with vibrational sound therapy and your energy. Including the gong, tuning forks, chime pipes, vibrational language, coding and DNA activations. Gently releasing blockages on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Encouraging rest, rejuvenation and repair.

Underpinned by a foundation of practical guidance helping you to achieve a positive mindset, nurturing mental and emotional wellbeing. Understanding and being in flow with your energy. Deepening the connection to your inner self to navigate the gifts of your soul. Empowering you to optimise overall wellbeing, creating a happier life.

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Sounds Of The Soul Gong Session

The gong is one of the most powerful and transformational sound instruments in existence dating back to ancient cultures. It allows the listener to leave the ego at the door opening the windows to the soul. Creating a gateway to heightened states of communication, awareness and consciousness. Multiple layers and ripples of sounds and tones are created resonating, regulating and re-calibrating the energy systems down to a cellular level.

The gongs I work with are ideal for stress reduction, inducing a deep feeling of calm and clarity, regulating the parasympathetic nervous system, breaking free from the mental chains of the mind, finding your spoken truth, breaking through limiting patterns and internalised programming, releasing deep core wounds, trauma and emotional density, shifts in quantum consciousness, multi-dimensionality and evolution. Taking you on a journey of inner discovery and connection from living in the head to the heart, aligning you with the sounds of your soul. 

 The question always to ask post gong is ‘Who am I now?’

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Vibrational sound therapy
Adult sound & mindfulness

Adult Science Sound Mindfulness

In our busy lives, we don’t always take time out for ourselves. This can lead to a vicious circle of disconnect as we end up ‘living in our heads’, resulting in exhaustion, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and feeling unhappy.

We find we are unable to cope with life’s daily challenges and allow our emotions to control us instead of the other way around! Trying to calm our minds in the midst of chaos is difficult, sometimes feeling impossible.

In this specialist session learn; how to take back control of your emotions, understand how these and sound can affect us on a cellular level, regulate your nervous system reducing cortisol levels the stress hormone, learn how to meditate working with tuning forks and find your still point, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Effective even for the most resistant of minds who find meditation methods difficult. Or who would simply like an introduction to vibrational sound therapy.

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How To Balance Your Body’s Frequency

Any emotion, we suppress affects our energy system. There is the energy of the emotion itself, and then there is the energy required to keep it repressed. Over time, this takes a toll on the body’s naturalrhythm and frequency and may result in; exhaustion, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression or another form of illness. Impacting our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Sound is extremely effective at bringing the energy system back into balance, from dissonance to harmony and homeostasis. 

In this specialist session; learn how to work with your energy in greater depth, reconnect and balance your body’s frequency, releasing stagnant, blocked energy. A daily tuning of wellbeing will leave you feeling calmer and centred, with renewed clarity. You will be surprised by how energised, lighter and uplifted you will feel optimising your overall health and wellbeing.

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How To Balance Your Body’s Frequency
Science Sound Mindfulness

Science Sound Mindfulness Programmes – Children, Teenagers and Young People

These unique, innovative and interactive self-empowering programmes show children (from age 7 upwards), teenagers and young people; how to release emotions in a healthy way, learn how to relax, understand their feelings and develop an awareness around self-regulation.

It is beneficial for all children, teenagers and young people, and especially those who suffer from anxiety, anger, low emotional and mental wellbeing, ASD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Difficulties and studying for exams.

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Parenting Paradigm Programme

As parents we can all hold different paradigms, by this I mean belief systems and truths. These may be based perhaps, on our own childhood experiences, our boundaries, triggers, and expectations as both an individual and in our role as a parent.

Our children are our greatest teachers, mirroring back and challenging our belief systems. They show us how to navigate and look at these from a different perspective. This is a soul exchange between you and your child, helping you to remember, connect to your inner wisdom and shift consciousness.

It is important to evolve and push through our boundaries and limiting beliefs. To let go of control, of our attachments, expectations, judgements of ourselves and of our children and to create new paradigms as parents. Breaking free from old patterns. Harnessing a new way of being, and creating the best possible energetic relationship between you and your child.

I am passionate about working with parents and creating space for them to challenge their belief systems and learn how to connect with their children consciously and energetically, on a deeper level.

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Science Sound Mindfulness

 I’m passionate about working with adults, parents, foster carers, children, teenagers, young people, independent agencies and services, employee wellbeing, and home education providers.

What my clients say

I feel so much lighter! Helping to release old tensions for me to be able to move forward

I had no idea what to expect when I went to see Diane for the first time but she put me straight at ease. We are now several sessions in and I am finding it deeply relaxing as well as now feeling the light that Diane guides us to find within ourselves. The sound she creates is like listening to music from a cloud high above the earth. It feels like you’re deeply asleep but you’re not necessarily so. By working on me as a whole, Diane is helping to release old tensions for me to be able to move forward. I feel so much lighter!!

Diane has also recommended a couple of meditations that have also helped me to tap into my heart light (especially as I go to bed for the night) - and to be able to move on from past events and people. She teaches you about finding love from deep within.

Thanks so much Diane, I can’t wait for us to continue with our future sessions and look forward to working with you some more as my guide.

It will literally change you into the best version of yourselves

A few months ago, I came across Diane’s website and I was fascinated by the nature of her work. My intuition decided to give it a go. Since that day, she didn’t stop amazing me with the various aspects of the work done on me. I highly recommend her work, as it will literally change you into the best version of yourselves, free of all the negative clutter that runs our lives and ourselves every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Diane.

Thank you for putting me back on the road to recovery

Just to say thank you. You have brought all the stuff hiding away to my heart centre and it broke yesterday had a bit of a breakdown. Feeling exhausted and close to tears all the time but letting stuff out from my heart centre. Don’t know how I’m doing it but allowing it to happen. It is exhausting and uncomfortable but at the same time feels right. Thank you for putting me back on the road to recovery I am just letting go of so much more than just my sister dying, probably lifetimes of stuff. Thank you. 

Magical is an understatement

I have been on my spiritual journey for a long time, well over 30 years, and have always known that sound could and would bring me back into alignment: finding the right Ambassador for this work was another matter. Enter Diane with her  profound, unique ability to become a tuning fork herself, whilst using physical tuning forks to amplify the work that was done on me.

For several years I have been aware that my crystalline light body has been active and that I have been integrating it with and into the physical. I could feel it all around me, spacious yet cold in its feeling tone. It was beginning to flow through my body yet this in ‘fits and starts’. Diane, with her intuitive abilities sensed this too and knew exactly how to proceed. The higher frequencies began breaking down lower frequencies that I was still holding onto.

I needed this help and support to come into alignment at last, and be able to stabilise that higher frequency in me and around me. By the time my last session came round it was almost as though I could click my fingers and into alignment all my bodies came. Magical is an understatement. 

Adult Science Sound Mindfulness – I’ve never found it easy to relax to meditate

Thank you so much Diane, for introducing me to vibrational sound therapy. I’ve learned and experienced some amazing and inspirational things about vibrational sound frequencies and how they affect our health and wellbeing. I’ve never found it easy to relax or meditate, but after discovering how to use tuning forks correctly to create sound and vibration, I’ve discovered something that really works for me and is so easy to do. Diane has such a calming influence and caring way of working with you.

I would definitely recommend  her to my family and friends. If you’ve not experienced vibrational sound therapy before, it’s well worth checking it out. Thank you Diane.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – My son would happily come along

The biggest indication that Diane is fantastic at what she does is that I didn't have to drag my 12 year old son over to see her! He is notorious for not wanting to go to any sort of activity I have arranged. But to see Diane, he would happily come along even if it was first thing in the morning. 

In his words, this is my son’s feedback:

Diane has a very nice, welcoming house which makes you want to go there. And she's very good at explaining and telling the different ways of expressing your emotions, and the different ways of how energy can affect your body and that you need to keep your energy balanced around your body and stuff like that. And she's also very good with all the vibration instruments as activities to do and it's very nice how she presents what your going to do in the session, she has a sheet you can cross off what you're going to be doing in the session, and a sheet that you can pick what mood your in and how it improves. Diane is also very welcoming herself and very nice.

Science Sound Mindfulness Workshop for Teenagers – Informative and demonstrative

I loved the workshop, it was nicely spaced out, informative and demonstrative with lots of breaks. I liked that you let my son cross out the subjects you were talking about. It created a feeling of control for him. The experience of trying the pipes and tuning forks was lovely. I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Science Sound Mindfulness Programme – Taught me some essential skills in coping with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis

I am 18, have ASD and suffer from high levels of anxiety. I have just completed the science sound mindfulness programme which has taught me some essential skills in coping with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis. I have found it useful in the sense it is not solely based on talking, which is something I personally find difficult. Diane is very understanding and makes time to ensure I have understood what skills she is teaching me. It has made a huge difference to me in relation to how I cope with daily challenges I face. The space in which she works in is very calm and peaceful, and the way Diane teaches is very gentle. Finally, with Diane’s support and guidance I feel that I am able to start looking forward more positively.

“The biggest indication that Diane is fantastic at what she does is that I didn’t have to drag my 12 year old son over to see her!”

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